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Administration of Medication

School Policies

St. Joseph’s School,
Co. Sligo.


This policy was developed to ensure that Parents and School Personnel are familiar with the proper procedures for the administration of medication to pupils during school time.

The Board of Management requests parents to ensure that the School be made aware in writing of any medical condition suffered by children in their care.

This is to ensure that medication is stored and administered in a safe manner.

The rationale for the development of this policy include:
That parents are aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that the school is informed of any medication that is prescribed for their childparents give their written consent for medication to be administered to their child if it is necessary for this medication to be administered during school timethe School is aware of all those pupils who use medication and has the written consent of parents if they wish their child to receive medication during school timeall parties are aware of the correct procedures that will be followed to ensure the safe storage of medicationparents are aware that it is their responsibility to inform the school if any changes in the dosage or the timing of their child’s medication

Notification of Consent

In September of each school year, parents will be asked in writing of any medication that their child is prescribed
Prescribed medicines will not be administered in school without the written consent of parents and the specific authorisation of the Board of Management.
If a child needs to take prescribed medication during the school day, parents will be asked to sign a consent form on which they will detail the name of the medication, the correct dosage of the medication and the time at which this medication should be administered to their childis the responsibility of parents to ensure that the school is informed in writing of any changes that occur in the dosage of the medication or the timing of the administration.are further required to indemnify the Board of Management and authorised members of staff in respect of any liability that may arise regarding the administration of prescribed medicines in school. The Board of Management will inform the school’s insurers accordingly.

Storage of Medication
All pupil medication stored in school will be stored in a locked container and stored in a safe place, where pupils have no access to the responsibility of Parents to ensure that there is an adequate supply of medication available to the school. The school will notify the parents either by phone call, text or written note if their child’s supply is running low. This notification should take place a week prior to the medication running out to enable Parents time to acquire a new supply.should ensure to deliver the new supply of medication to school themselves or if this is not possible, hand the medication to the bus escort to ensure the safe delivery of medication to school circumstances should junior pupils be allowed to bring medication to school themselves. It is not advisable that senior pupils should bring in their own medication but should this happen the parents must inform the school that the pupil will be bringing in the medication and thereby ensure the safe collection of medication.prescriptive medicines will neither be stored nor administered to pupils in school.

Administration of Medication

Nominated members of staff will take responsibility to administer the medication at the time given by the parents. A staff rota for the administration of medication will be drawn up to cover staff absencesmembers will sign a notebook/sheet when medication administered stating date and time when medication administeredrecords will be made available to parents if requiredPrincipal will notify any concerns regarding the pupil and their medication to Parents.

Administration of Pain Killers/ Administration of Non- Daily medication

The School will not under any circumstances administer painkillers to any pupil either with or without Parents’ Consent. In the event that a pupil would require such medication, parents will be notified straight away and asked to either come and administer such medication or collect the pupil and bring them home.School will not accept any responsibility to administer anti-biotics or cough bottles to pupils. Parents will have to come in to administer such medication or if pupils require such medication, they should remain at home until fully recovered.

In emergency situations qualified medical assistance will be secured at the earliest opportunity

Ratified by the Board of Management
June 2007

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