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Green School


Green School News

St. Joseph's are working towards getting a Green Flag this year.
The first theme we have to work on is "Litter and Waste".
We have to try and reduce the amount of waste that we produce each day.
We have to get everyone in the school recycling more.
We must ensure that our school environment is litter free.
The three things we must do are: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

" Be seen to be green!"

The Green Team

The following people are members of the Green School Commitee:

  • Ms. Wynne
  • Jordan
  • Kyle
  • Colm
  • Ryan
  • Lee
  • Christian
  • Jamie
  • Tristan
  • Sajawal
  • Natasha
  • Alison

Our Plan of Action

  • Tell everyone about the Green School programme-create a Green Schools Board in the hall
  • Get everyone to use a lunch box
  • Everyone is to bring their rubbish home
  • Put all fruit skins and tea bags in the compost bin each day
  • Collect up crusts and left over bread - this can be reused to feed the hens
  • Make sure all classes know where to recycle their class waste
  • Reuse as much of the waste paper as we can
  • Get all the staff to recycle
  • Do regular litter patrols around the school grounds
  • Put recycling bins in all classes
  • Make sure the Home Economics class puts their waste in the compost bin
  • Recycle the litter that is left in our yard by others
  • Develop a Green Slogan for St. Joseph's
  • Improve our school environment by planting bulbs/flowers
  • Continue to develop our school garden

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