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Prize Day 2009


Prize Day 2009

Thursday June 25th was the Annual Prize Day in St. Joseph's school.
On that day every student in the school received recognition for their achievements during the school year.
Parents, family members, members of the Board of Management, members of the Parent's Association and
invited guests from the many agencies that work with St. Joseph's were invited to see students receive their awards.
Awards were given out for a variety of achievements such as class work, participation in sports,
good behaviour both in class and in the playground, good manners, and friendship awards,
achievements in FETAC and sports day prizes.
The awards were presented by Ms Wynne, the Principal, and all the members of staff.
Students from the woodwork class displayed their work in the front hallway and in the school hall.
Everyone was very impressed with their achievements.
Refreshments were served afterwards for all the visiting guests and students.
We look forward to our next prize day which will take place in June 2010.

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